Saturday, May 9, 2009

She finally figured out what to do with a kong

Following Dr. Ian Dunbar's advice, I wanted to encourage Memphis from early on to become a "chew-toy-aholic" using food-stuffed kong toys. The idea is that the kong gives the pup a challenge getting food, and keeps her happily occupied when we can't or don't want to give her our attention.

Then I watched LM give Batty a frozen kong... I think he had everything out of it and in his gullet in ten or fifteen minutes. Yikes!

My first attempts to introduce a kong to Memphis were mostly ignored. When I closed the big end with peanut butter, she licked it a bit but really she was disinterested. This morning I tried something different. I stuffed a liver treat in the small end, filled it with kibble mixed with a few treats and closed the big end with cat-food. My idea was that I could transfer Memphis' interest in the cat's breakfast to interest in chewing her own kong.

This was successful in that Memphis was indeed interested and happily chewed away at the kong in her crate. The downside was that she had it figured out and devoured in 8 minutes. I'll continue to give her fairly easy ones for a while, then I'll start making things a little more challenging with different ingredients and by freezing them.

Kong suggestions welcome.

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