Sunday, May 3, 2009

Memphis and the cats

Jacques and Shadow are both pretty relaxed around Memphis already. Rossi seems OK too. Spud and Delia are a bit freaked out by the new addition. Jerry has whacked the puppy upside the head a few times already to show who's boss.

The cats are allowed to do things like sleep on the furniture, which Memphis isn't allowed to do. We want her to get used to sleeping in the library, where we have a crate for her. Last night, she obviously missed cuddling with her litter-mates and missed us too, and she let us know by crying about it. I went down to see her a couple times during the night and took her outside to relieve herself. Of course she was wide awake and ready to play.

This morning, she's happily napping. I may go for one of those too!

Last night Memphis figured out how to climb the deck stairs, one at a time. Going down is another story altogether. She shows no interest in attempting that feat yet.

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Candy Minx said...

Yes...the big question...

Who is more sleepy? The puppy or the fish?