Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Memphis doesn't like to walk away from our house on her leash. She has a tendency to put the brakes on, lie down, roll over and refuse to move forward. Sometimes I can coax her forward and sometimes not. If I turn around and go back to the house, she's all happy and walks fine.

Yesterday, I drove her over to Sam Smith park, and without the smell and sight of our house around, she did much much better. We were walking around on the paths very well. Also, when I took her to the vet yesterday, she was walking very well, no issue.

I'm not sure what the right training strategy is. At ten weeks, she's still very young, and I don't want walking on the leash to be an unpleasant experience for her. Maybe I should keep working with her away from the house.

Suggestions from all you experts out there welcome.

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L.M. said...

She's just a baby and she feels safe at home right now. Eventually she'll figure out that you and tuffy are safe zones as well. If she does fine on the leash out of site of the house, continue training her that way.

(it took a while for Batty to figure out that I was the safest thing going especially when the monster Ossington night bus zoomed by)