Friday, May 8, 2009

Mealtime Challenge

Our cats get a combination of kibble and wet food. Memphis gets kibble. She likes her kibble fine, but to her, nothing is as savoury and tasty as some juicy canned cat food. It's even tastier if she gets to push a happily eating cat out of the way to steal it. Yes, that's our Memphis I'm talking about.

First I bring Memphis and her food and water out to the deck, and get her going. Then I feed the cats in the kitchen. While she works on her kibble, she develops top secret plans to infiltrate the cat food.

Once Memphis gets used to walking past the end of the property and she and I do a good walk every morning before she eats, I'm going to change the routine a little. I'll bring Memphis out to the deck, feed the cats in the kitchen, then take Memphis for a walk while the cats eat.

When we get back from the walk, Memphis will eat. That way she works for her food by doing the walk, and she isn't around to smell the catfood while they eat.


L.M. said...

When I first got Bat-boy I discovered at his first meal time that he had been trained to wait for a signal before he started eating. Problem was I didn't know what the signal could be and had to run through various pantomimes and possible commands while he looked at his food and me with pathetic desperation.

Candy Minx said...

That makes a lot of sense. A lot of peopel feed their pets when they wake up...big mistake. It means they will wake you if you're trying to sleep in! I like the idea of the walk then food too.

But very funny that she tries to push the cats away, yikes!