Saturday, May 9, 2009


A fellow we know has a 5 month old black newf named Rocky and an 12 year old beagle mix named Trixie. They came for a visit this afternoon. While they were all playing on the front lawn a neighbourhood dog named Eddie was out for a walk and stopped by with his companion. Then another neighbourhood dog named Riley, also out walking his companion, stopped for a visit. Memphis was having a great time with all the dogs around. Rocky and Trixie and Memphis played well together. The others, just passing by, stayed on leash.

Compared to Rocky, Memphis might be called Memphis Minnie! Rocky is over 50 pounds at five months, three times Memphis' size. On top of that, his hair is quite a bit longer, making him look even bigger. Memphis will catch up for a while but, being a female, will never be as big as Rocky is going to grow.

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Candy Minx said...

How fantastic to hear Memphis is learning to socialize and has so many dogs to meet. Cute.