Friday, April 24, 2009

Some days it's hard to support the little guy

There is a nice little pet supply shop at the end of my street. I like the people who operate it, and they sell the food we feed our cats and the food we're going to feed our dog, and their prices are competetive, so I thought I would do all my pet shopping there.

I asked them if they could source the pet gates I was looking for, and they were confident they could do that. It turns out that they can get the gates for us, but they can't get them at a price that would enable them to even come close to the price a huge chain pet box store sells them for. We're talking about a $20 difference per gate. The fellow called and reluctantly suggested I buy the gates at the box store.

He did the right thing. He could have simply ordered the gates for me and I might not have realized the price was out of line. Of course I'll continue to buy pet food and other supplies from him.

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