Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After we bring Memphis home, I have three weeks off work to try to negotiate detente with the lions, and begin some training. We're going to temporarily put in a pet gate at each of the entrances to the library, where Memphis will have her kennel. The pet gates will have cat doors (as if they couldn't leap them in a single bound). Our idea is that while we're at work, Memphis will stay in the library until she and the cats sign peace treaties, until she develops good bathroom habits and until we're comfortable she isn't going to chew everything in the house. The cats can meanwhile go in or out at will.

I'm hopeful that the cats will show Memphis who's boss pretty quickly - while she's still their size! It would be great if they became good buddies along the way...

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tshsmom said...

That sounds like a good plan. Our puppies quit chewing by the time they were a year old.

6 months seems to be the terrible twos of puppyhood. By that age Memphis will probably be able to step over the puppy gate.